Christmas Message

20th December 2018 Off By Claire Williams

Dear all,

This Advent we are reminded yet again of the ever-increasing need to welcome Jesus Christ at Christmas. Today’s uncertainty and the relentless pace of change is even more reason for all to take time out, take stock, and seize the opportunity to reflect on the extraordinary moment in history when God came on earth to dwell among us.

We wish all of you an enjoyable Christmas amid friends and family. We hope you will find time to recuperate from what has been a long and exacting term. We pray for those facing Christmas in trepidation, recognising that for some of the children we serve, Christmas will be spent in circumstances they would not choose for themselves. 

Our schools continue to be beacons of excellence, bringing the light of Christ into the world. We have only had pleasing outcomes from inspections this term, there have been spectacular celebrations of our young people’s successes in last year’s round of examinations, and those children who participated in our Advent Service gave us adults a brilliant afternoon to remember. Thank you to all involved.

With every good wish and in the hope that the new year brings you all you would wish for yourselves and for those you love.