Awards Received at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

4th January 2024 Off By Claire Williams

St Anne’s Catholic school in Vauxhall is thrilled to announce that Mr. Peter Hilton, has been honoured with the prestigious Silver Pearson Head Teacher of the Year in a primary school award. This accolade is a testament to Mr. Hilton’s outstanding leadership and his remarkable achievements in the realm of education.

Mr. Hilton brings to St Anne’s Vauxhall a wealth of experience, particularly in transforming schools and steering them towards success. His commitment to educational excellence and passion for fostering positive change has set the stage for an exciting chapter in the St Anne’s journey.

At the heart of Mr. Hilton’s leadership philosophy is a dedication to upholding the Catholic values that define St Anne’s Vauxhall. He envisions these values not only as guiding principles within the school but as threads that weave through the fabric of the wider community. With a focus on collaboration and community engagement, Mr. Hilton aims to strengthen the bonds between the school, its students, and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

We are very blessed to have the excellent, award-winning leadership of Peter Hilton at St Anne’s Catholic school,” expressed Father Gerald.

 “His experience and commitment to our Catholic values will undoubtedly shape a positive and enriching educational experience for St Anne’s students.”

The Silver Pearson Head Teacher of the Year award is not just a personal triumph for Peter this has been achieved because of his dedication, resilience and hard work to his schools, charities and wider community initiatives. We have no doubts that Mr. Hilton will encourage and instil these benefits in the pupils of St Anne’s.

The staff, students, and parents extend their warmest congratulations to Mr. Hilton and eagerly look forward to the new chapter under his guidance and the growth that his leadership promises for St Anne’s Catholic school. The school is indeed fortunate to have such an exceptional leader at its helm.

St. Anne’s Catholic school in Vauxhall is proud to celebrate exceptional leadership at our school Nicole Alexandru received the Silver award for Teacher of the year in 2022.

A seasoned educator with a wealth of experience and a commitment to fostering EYFS who will incorporate these in St Anne’s Catholic values, Nicole has truly made a lasting impact on the educational landscape.

Last year, Nicole was awarded the prestigious Silver Pearson Teacher of the Year award, a recognition well-deserved for her dedication and outstanding contributions to education. Her arrival at St. Anne’s in Vauxhall has brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), enriching the educational experience for both students and early year’s staff.

Nicole emphasis on the importance of EYFS has been instrumental in further, creating a nurturing environment where our pupils will not only excel academically but will also be able to grow spiritually.

As the school marks this significant milestone, the community expresses gratitude for the positive impact Nicole Alexandru will have on the wider community and her efforts to shape our leaders of tomorrow. St. Anne’s Catholic school looks forward to having Nicole on board we are truly blessed to have such an inspiring and accomplished teacher in our school.