Who We Are

The Archbishop has appointed the Director of Education and the other officers at the Education Service to act for him in the work to be done to fulfil his rights and responsibilities towards Catholic schools in the Diocese. This requires liaison with the 14 Local Authorities in the area of the Diocese.

The Education Service has, with the Archbishop’s support, established a network of headteachers from each Local Authority in the Diocese to ensure that there are effective channels of communication and support for Catholic schools and colleges.

At the Education Service:
– We recognise and affirm the place of our Catholic schools and colleges within our mission
– We work for excellence in our schools and colleges
– We discern the signs of the times and are open to positive change
and development
– We use government initiatives creatively for the benefit of Catholic
– We provide schools and colleges for our children and young people, with the support of parents and carers.

We support our schools and colleges in a number of areas including:
– Religious Education
– Denominational Inspections
– Leadership
– Governance
– Admissions, appeals and place planning
– Buildings
– Innovations
– Legal Frameworks and Advice
– Youth Voice