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“The Government has confirmed that local elections will go ahead on Thursday 6 May. Given significant disruptions already to education this year, Returning Officers have been asked to avoid using schools as polling stations, where practically possible. In exceptional circumstances, where schools are used as polling stations, we have asked that Returning Officers work with schools to minimise any disruption.

Pupils eligible to attend on Thursday 6 May should continue to do so. However, if necessary, for the safe operation of polling stations and to limit risks to staff and pupils, schools may ask some pupils not to attend, and arrange non-contact provision on Thursday 6 May. On-site provision should still be available to vulnerable children and the children of critical workers on election day and appropriate safeguarding measures should be put in place. Schools should not close to pupils on Friday 7 May.

In a letter to Returning Officers and schools, we have set out the detail of additional funding made available to local authorities to help Returning Officers avoid disruption to schools and cover the costs of cleaning, including any cleaning taking place after polls close, so that those schools can be open to pupils the following day. The following steps should be taken before schools resume use of their whole estate:

• ventilating any rooms used for polling, via full window and door opening to fresh outside air for at least 1 hour

• after ventilation, sanitising all hand touchpoints (for example door handles, rails and seats)

Ministers from the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office have published a letter to all schools and Returning Officers setting out expectations for the forthcoming elections.”

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Emerging Strategy

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Important Communication regarding Denominational Inspections

The Diocese is able to confirm that there will be no Catholic school Inspections until the summer term 2021 at the earliest.

Bereavement Resources

Regrettably some children and staff members are going to experience bereavement at this time. Please click here for resources to support them.