CAFOD Visit to St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

16th January 2024 Off By Claire Williams

Maureen from CAFOD has helped the pupils of St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School think about how Catholic Social Teaching reminds them that our faith means we are all brothers and sisters and we can put our faith into action.

Just like Pope Francis’s Fratelli Tutti letter! They enjoyed the workshop lead by Maureen which helped them understand how they can make an impact on the world through Catholic Social Teaching.

When asked across the school What is Catholic Social Teaching here are some of the things the children said:

  • Year 1 Frankie – “kind teaching” 
  • Year 1 Zofia – “help people even though they look different.”  
  • Year 3 Freddie – “helping people who are less fortunate than you. We raise money for Mary meals and charities” 
  • Year 4 Rosa “if you see someone one the street you can give them money. I do gardening  club looking after the birds and our environment.” 
  • Year 6 Dylan – “looking after and respecting everything and everyone.” 
  • Year 2 Shantelle – “help people who are sad. I try to people when they are hurt.” 
  • Year 5 Grace – “help people when they are poor and give money to charity.”