Canon Victor Visits St Joseph’s College

12th March 2024 Off By Claire Williams

St Joseph’s College, Croydon were delighted to welcome Canon Victor Darlington to the College on Tuesday, 20th February.

Canon Victor is the Episcopal Vicar for the South East Area, and he also works for Racial Justice and Cultural Inclusion in the Archdiocese, as well as being one of the Deans of the South East area. He met with staff members and expressed his gratitude for their work within Catholic education. He also listened attentively to the views and concerns of the college community.

During the College tour he was thoroughly impressed with the behaviour in lessons and the calmness he felt during these observations. Like many others, he was impressed by the college Chapel, remarking that it’s bigger and grander than many parish churches!

He had a lively Q&A session with students from all year groups in the Chapel. Canon Victor encouraged the students to do everything for God’s glory, whether it is communicating with others, studying in lessons, or playing in the fields. Give everything to God. He urged the students to let their light shine and spread it to others. He listened to the students’ wishes and suggestions for the Church, such as having more groups for teenage Catholics, making homilies more relevant to the real world and to have priest appear more joyful and happy. He agreed with these, took notes, and has said that he will feedback to priests.

Canon Victor’s joy and laughter were contagious, and he inspired the St Joseph’s community with his spirit of God. They are very grateful for his visit and hope to see him again soon.