Canon Victor Visits St Peters Catholic Primary School

24th May 2024 Off By Claire Williams

On the 20th of May Canon Victor with Canon Edward, Father Roy, Father Gerrald and Father Joseph visited St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Woolwich.

They joined members of St Peter’s Governors and Senior Leadership Team for refreshments as they reviewed some of the RE work conducted by students. A walk of the school was undertaken to look at classrooms and display boards. Staff and guests enjoyed a lovely lunch where they had a selection of potatoes, sausages, vegetables and pizza followed by a scrumptious cake whilst they sat with the children. 

The school had a grand opening of their Prayer Area and a blessing by our honourable guests. Canon Victor blessed the prayer area and all within and round it with Holy Water.

Flowers were laid as pupils, staff and guest celebrated the crowning of Our Lady, where the choir performed 2 beautiful hymns in dedication to this occasion.

Visitors took photographs with Prayer Leaders, photos that will be pride of place within the school. 

Canon Victor, Canon Edward, Father Roy, and Father Joseph had one final performance from 3 of the students, they were so proud to be selected for this.