Easter Celebrations at St Matthew Academy

11th April 2024 Off By Claire Williams

To celebrate Easter, St. Matthew Academy embraced the spirit of renewal and resurrection with a series of heartfelt celebrations that truly embodied the essence of this special time of year. With each class actively participating in various activities and rituals, our school community came together in a profound display of faith and unity.

Throughout the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, our students immersed themselves in prayer and reflection. Guided by their teachers, classes engaged in meaningful activities such as crafting prayer pebbles and resurrection gardens, symbolizing the hope and rebirth that Easter represents. These hands-on experiences not only deepened their understanding of the holiday but also fostered a sense of creativity and connection to their faith.

In preparation for our Easter liturgy, students took on the responsibility of composing their own bidding prayers. Learning the art of prayerful communication, they expressed their intentions for the world and our community with sincerity and compassion. This process not only empowered our students but also demonstrated their ability to actively participate in the rich traditions of our faith.

One of the highlights of our Easter celebration was the Stations of the Cross, led by our student Light Bearers. With reverence and dedication, these young leaders guided each year group through the profound journey of Christ’s passion and sacrifice. Through this immersive experience, our students gained a deeper appreciation for the significance of Easter and the sacrifices made for our salvation.

The culmination of our Easter celebration was a beautiful liturgy, where our entire school community came together to rejoice in the resurrection of Christ. Following the Gospel reading, each class had the opportunity to share their bidding prayers, lifting up their intentions and aspirations to God. The atmosphere was filled with reverence and hope as we collectively embraced the promise of new life and redemption.

As the liturgy drew to a close, our Year 6 students delivered a moving performance to the hymn “Risen,” a powerful reminder of the triumph of Christ over death. With voices raised in song and hearts filled with joy, we ended the day with a profound sense of gratitude and reverence for the Easter season.