St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School Receive Developer Level in The Oscar Romero Award.

15th February 2024 Off By Claire Williams

St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School were honoured to receive the ‘DEVELOPER’ level in The Oscar Romero Award for their dedication to Catholic Social teaching.  This award reflects the hard work of their amazing staff and the commitment to their Catholic mission.

Here is what The Oscar Romero Award said:

Well done for incorporating more aspects of CST into your school life, showing you have taken on board the suggestions from your participator award. The weekly headteacher’s award assembly rewards children who display aspects of CST in their behaviour; this term, the focus is Dignity. In discussion with the children, they evidenced that they were very familiar with the principles and were able to explain confidently their meaning and discuss their learning. They follow this through with their behaviours at home, where they recycle, turn off lights etc. They were clear that they were listened to when they made suggestions to ‘improve the school’ or support others, e.g. by clearing the pond, helping animals or supporting various charities. In the curriculum strand it was good to see that CST is evidenced in some subjects. You obviously take Care for the Common Home and for Creation seriously-e.g. in your participation of POP23; your excellent displays of children’s work all around the school and your focus on Laudato si. Inviting CAFOD for assemblies and workshops has broadened the children’s awareness of global concerns. On our visit we observed evidence of CST themes in subjects other than RE, e.g. geography, where we saw work on using natural resources to produce energy, and in English there were extended pieces of writing on deforestation of the rainforests and the extinction of animals.