St Bartholomew’s Commemorate Remembrance Day

8th December 2021 Off By Claire Williams

At St Bartholomew’s Primary School in Swanley, we commemorated Remembrance Day with a whole school display.  

Every single child in the school made a poppy. Year 6 have been learning about the Second World War and during their Art lessons, designed and made their own RAF badges.

We also asked parents to send the names of any departed loved ones they wanted to be on our wall of remembrance. We had 160 names of grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings and friends for whom we prayed every day during November.  

This beautiful display brought the whole school community together in thinking and praying not only for the soldiers who gave up their lives in the past, and those who continue to do so around the world, but also for all those people we have known and loved.