World Cup at Bonus Pastor: Are we playing fair?

8th February 2023 Off By Claire Williams

In 2022, the World Cup in Qatar highlighted many issues around social justice. The students at Bonus Pastor raised many questions and showed their awareness and passion for promoting equality for all people. In response to this, the R.E. and P.E. department joined together to further explore social justice through sports.

Over a series of weeks the students met to discuss the following themes:

  • Is football really a ‘beautiful game’?
  • Does sport unite or divide?
  • How can Catholic Social Teaching respond to inequality in football?

It was amazing to hear the thoughtful discussions students were having regarding issues that sports such as football highlight for example, gender inequality, racial abuse, human rights violations. 

The programme culminated in a penalty shootout where each house represented a country that CAFOD work closely with. Our Year 11 students showed their sportsmanship and leadership skills in helping to organise and run this event.