Bonus Pastor Catholic College completes the Big Lent Walk

7th May 2024 Off By Claire Williams

Bonus Pastor’s Spirituality Shepherds helped to create a team of 58 students who completed the Big Lent Walk. Prior to the walk, they worked tirelessly to raise money for CAFOD showing their passion for Catholic Social Teaching and the importance of working towards eliminating global poverty. An amazing £879.65 was raised! We were blown away by their determination and the generosity of those in our community. Both the staff and students involved have made a significant impact, showcasing the power of community and compassion in making a difference. 

The words of our students shows how this event brought us together as a Bonus Pastor and global community: 

“I enjoyed raising money for people in need”

“I enjoyed knowing that as we were walking, all the money we made was going to a good cause”

“Being able to talk with friends and teachers while doing good for others”