Holocaust Memorial at Bonus Pastor Catholic College

8th March 2023 Off By Claire Williams

Throughout January and February the R.E. and History department hosted a series of events that enabled our students to reflect on the Holocaust and its theme of ‘Ordinary People’. 

Holocaust Memorial started with all students engaging in an assembly where they were introduced to the theme of ‘Ordinary People’ and joined together in prayer to remember the victims of the Holocaust and all those who are still the victims of genocide. 

Students attended a screening of  ‘Where is Anne Frank’ which tells the story of Anne Frank and her family and explores the current treatment of refugees, asking us to reflect on the central message of Anne Frank’s diary in the 21st century.  Students were privileged to listen to the testimony of child Holocaust survivor, Ruth Posner, who gave a compelling account of her time in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Students took the time to delve deeper into the theme of ‘ordinary people’ and engaged with academically challenging tasks in order to discuss and explore this theme. A special thanks to Ms Lovett for running this session.

Finally, students went on a trip to the holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and participated in a workshop. Students reflected on the impact the holocaust had on the Jewish community and the importance of continuing to learn about the Holocaust today. 

We are grateful for all the members of our school community and organisations that contributed to these successfully events. We are particularly impressed with the maturity and compassion that out students’ showcased in their response.