The Big Green Money Show at St Winifred’s

2nd March 2023 Off By Claire Williams
The Big Green Money Show at St Winifred’s

On Thursday 9th February 2023, St Winifred’s, Lee, welcomed Deborah Meaden and ‘The Big Green Money Show’ BBC team to school. During the day, they interviewed the School Council, to find out how the school was being ‘green’. They spoke to the children about what they have been learning in class about sustainability and climate change. They spoke to the eco-reps about how they are leading initiatives and are bringing about change in school. They spoke about the kitchen garden, reducing food waste and avoiding using single-use plastic – such as glue sticks. 

They also interviewed Mr Cunningham, the sustainability lead and Ms Gillespie, the headteacher, on how they lead on this throughout the school. They also speak to Alex Green from ‘Lets go Zero’ about issues affecting all schools.

The podcast ‘Back to School’ can be found here:

The case study on St Winifred’s by Let’s Go Zero, can be found here: