Retreat Partnerships at Bonus Pastor Catholic College

20th July 2023 Off By Claire Williams

Students at Bonus Pastor Catholic College have had two fantastic retreat days thanks to local sixth forms Christ the King and St. Francis Xavier which explored themes in Catholic Social Teaching

In June, our Year 7 students were grateful to be hosted by Christ the King, St. Mary’s. Students spent the day exploring and reflecting on the theme of ‘Dignity’. We began the day reflecting on Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well in the Gospel of John. Students were then able to enjoy the beautiful grounds where they took a nature walk where they experience the joys of God’s creation and collected items which they later presented to their groups. We were touched by their profound reflections; one student wrote how the nature walk reminded them ‘to stay positive, kind, happy and positive towards everyone’. During lunch, the students at CTK led our students in team building activities showing our Year 7 cohort true leadership skills in action. The day culminated in a mass where the focus was on showcasing our students’ talents. 

In July, our Year 9 students explored the importance of ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ as many of them prepare to take on leadership positions next academic year. The students benefitted from the many team building activities which were led by the staff and students at St. Francis Xavier. They were able to reflect on the life of Nelson Mandela as well as what qualities make a good leader. We held many important discussions about leaders who do not always champion ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ in society. After a final reflection, students offered up prayers. We were touched by the many issues their prayers touched such as the refugee crisis, the marginalised and their own aspirations to be leaders both now and in the future. We are grateful to both Christ the King and St. Francis Xavier for providing the opportunity for our students to step away from the busyness of school life and reflect on the importance of Catholic Social Teaching in society.