St Teresa’s and SS Peter and Paul Pupils at Britain’s Got Talent

23rd May 2023 Off By Claire Williams

Children from both St Teresa’s and SS Peter and Paul have been involved in a musical performance alongside children’s author Banji Alexander especially written for a performance on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Children attended the heats for the show at London’s famous Palladium Theatre and were featured on the 6th May episode. 

In addition to the televised performance, the children, led by their very own Mrs Aransiola and Mr Williams, have been involved in a Newsround feature as well as a recording of a special music video showcasing their song – King for a Day.

A special thank you to both Mrs Aransiola and Mr Williams for their support and leadership in making this opportunity a reality. 

Please use the videos below to take a look at the children’s performance and try to tune in to Britain’s Got Talent.