Art Exhibition at St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

2nd February 2024 Off By Claire Williams

We were excited to read about an Art exhibition to depict multi-racial God though the Commission Newsletter. As a school with a wide range of diversity and culture we decided this was something we would like to include in our lessons. 

The art exhibition looks at depicting God and characters from the Bible through different cultural and racial lenses and be held in Manchester in April 2024. Our own art exhibition will be at school in our school hall!

‘It’s time to tell the Christian story in art through a more global perspective,’ said Fleur Dorrell, co-manager of the Made in God’s Image: Art Matters project.

We talked about God’s image and how we would like to represent that through art. All children in the school embarked on how they would like to show the image of God using their own cultural background and diversity. Some children decided that Jesus would be in the image of themselves and others wanted to represent Jesus though nature, animals and our world.