Covid Guidance for Acts of Worship Mass Revision 6 on 25th June 2020

Guidance for Full Reopening of Schools- Published 2nd July 2020

CES Updates and Round Up 8th April 2020

CES Admissions Update- 15-04-2020

CES Update 21st April 2020

The Catholic Position on Vaccination

Official statement on Admissions Appeals

Archbishop’s message

Below are communications from Dr Simon Hughes

COVID-19: A message from the Director – 18th March 2020

COVID-19: A message from the Director#2 – 19th March 2020

List of Key Workers published by DfE 19-20th March 2020.

Due to the challenges posed by the Corona Virus, the process of appointing and re-appointing governors has been paused as of 1st April 2020. As soon as the furlough process comes to an end, we will start the process again in strict prioritized date order.

Deaneries, LA hubs and closures

Some recommendations for Holy Week

At Home in Christ

Please see the DfE’s facebook advice page here

Link to caring for the carers material here

From the CES at 11:00 on Friday 20th March 2020

Updated Guidance Regarding Partial Closures of Educational Settings

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on the partial closures of educational settings, the following information and guidance is now available on Gov.UK. To note, the Guidance for Schools, Colleges and Local Authorities (first bullet) contains details of those deemed critical workers.

DfE have also published further information and guidance on how schools should support free school meal pupils, as follows:

Press notice:  


Updated CES advice 23rd March 2020:

New Q&A re exam cancellation

Please see links below to the first iteration of the guidance for schools and guidance on vulnerable children which we understand will be regularly updated (potentially daily) to add further information and respond to the situation on the ground.  Please note that guidance is also expected on social distancing in education and childcare settings.

DSC.DRE Letter 66.20 DfE COVID 19 update

Guidance on Vulnerable Children and Young People

Questions and answers about the provisions being made for vulnerable children and young people:

Travel Advice for Educational Settings

Advice for educational settings, and their students and staff, who are travelling or planning to travel during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:  

View the latest published information by clicking here.

DSC.DRE Letter 68.20 COVID-19 Guidance on Governance

Free School Meals Email Scam

We have been made aware of a scam email circulating regarding free schools meals. The email asks for bank details to enable parents to be supported for free school meals. Please do not respond and delete the email. The guidance for free schools meals can be found by here:

DSC.DRE Letter 73.20 Free School Meals guidance for schools

DSC.DRE Letter 71.20 COVID – 19 Insurance During Periods of School Closure or Continuance

DSC.DRE Letter 74.20 DfE update to schools Q&A

Joint Union advice with regard to school opening over Easter

Additional Financial Support- Document provided by Southwark Local Authority

DFE Guidance on school buildings during the COVID-19 crisis

School governance update March 2020

ATCRE Weekly Update & Resources

Nosy Crow have released a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. The book can viewed here.