Feedback on Southwark UK Catholic Schools Blessing & End of Academic Year Thanksgiving Mass

24th July 2020 Off By Claire Williams

“The Southwark UK Catholic School blessing is beautiful and the children thoroughly enjoyed joining in.”

“Thank you for all the organising links to the Thanksgiving mass. Our children in school and at home enjoyed joining in with the celebration. They particularly loved The Blessing hymn.”

“We participated in the Mass yesterday at La Retraite  (South West London) celebrated by the Archbishop .The students were really moved by the message given by the Archbishop during the sermon . It was a truly beautiful experience for everyone.”

“Thank you very much for sending the links for the Archbishop’s Mass. Our Year 6 children and key worker groups watched it yesterday afternoon and our Reception and Year 1 groups are going to watch it this morning. It was really lovely.”

“Two things in this week’s e-mail, hopefully they are of wider interest than just the Elk Valley. 
All I will say is, happy singing!”(Parish Priest, Elk Valley, BC Canada)