Awesome Avocado’ Reconnects School With its Pupils During Lockdown

24th March 2021 Off By Claire Williams

Monday, 1st March.  Local Lewisham school, St Matthew Academy, has been injecting a little fun and laughter into the final weeks of remote learning by introducing visits from the newest, healthy superhero in town, ‘The Awesome Avocado’.   His mission?  To surprise and reward home-learners whilst promoting healthy minds and bodies!

The ‘Awesome Avocado’ has been making weekly visits to some of the homes of St Matthew Academy pupils and their families who have been really working hard on their remote learning for over seven weeks.  He has been rewarding them with a bag of goodies and encouraging them to keep engaging with their work whilst bringing a much-needed smile to the faces of families across the Lewisham area.

The character was the brainchild of Primary Headteacher, Jo Chick, who wanted to engage the home-learners in the last push before returning to school and spread a light over the ‘lockdown fatigue’ that is felt by the community, especially the primary-aged children.

“The staff at SMA have really missed our children and we know they have missed us.  The idea was to bring the learning back offline and reconnect the children with the school.  Healthy bodies and minds are fundamental to our curriculum so a giant superfood character who can spread a bit of joy seemed the perfect tonic!”

Year 6 pupil, Jai Turner was one of this week’s lucky recipients of a visit.  “It was such a surprise to see our teachers at home but even more of shock to see a giant piece of fruit walking up the road!  We couldn’t stop laughing!”